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Real Estate

Real Estate Videography

Real estate videography is essential for ensuring that the property listing appeals to prospective buyers. It is well documented that an impressive cinematic look of the property will fuel more interest and lead to the successful selling of the property. Alpha Visuals provides fast and effective shooting and development using our state of the art equipment resulting in a faster turn around time from shoot to delivery for this competitive industry. As a team we can shoot both video and photo efficiently and can offer the best impression of the property by using studio lights which create a true colour match for the prospective client. With the latest high-end camera equipment including the fastest production computers we can provide the end product in a timely manner. We look forward to hearing from you. Check out some of our recent projects.


Creating emotion through cinematic editing of video will help potential clients connect with the listing bette

Photo & Image

There is more to it than snapping a photo. Composition, the correct focal length and editing the image to represent the property accurately is important not to mislead potential buyers.

Drone Image & Video

With our fleet of drones we can represent the property from outside and even inside with FPV recording. Drone footage can clearly show the area around the property and so much more.

Combo Package

Combining photo, video and drone footage will offer the client the best representation of the listing and fuel more interest than one source of media alone.

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Fast Turn Around

We understand the importance of producing and editing in a timely manner in this competitive industry. This is why we have invested in the latest high speed computers to speed up work flow.


We have invested heavily in the latest video and photo hardware but further to this we have a large variety of lights that can take images to a new level.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We are only as good as our last satisfied client and we aim only to deliver the best product always.


Film Production







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